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Participant Start Up Accelerators


digitalundivided Successfully Joins digitalundivided's Prestigious BIG Accelerator Program

We are thrilled to announce that has been accepted into the prestigious 12-week BIG accelerator program by digitalundivided. Tailored for Latina and Black women entrepreneurs like us, this competitive program equips us with an evidence-based curriculum, an immersive experience led by industry experts, personalized 1:1 mentorship, and unparalleled access to a thriving community of fellow founders who share our vision.

 BIG Demo Day is October 4th

Venture Crush Accepted Into Venture Crush Accelerator Program has secured a coveted spot within the esteemed Venture Crush accelerator program. Developed and managed by the Tech Group at Lowenstein Sandler LLP, a prominent law firm deeply committed to the tech startup, growth company, and venture capital community, Venture Crush offers an array of community-enhancing initiatives.

This accelerator program connects us with influential players in the startup ecosystem, including fellow founders, venture investors, growth equity/PE investors, angel investors, strategic investors, acquirers of companies, and senior executives from leading tech firms both domestically and internationally.

Venture Crush Pitch Day is November 1st

Specialized Acute Rehab for Stroke, Brain Injury, and Spinal Cord Injury (4).png

XlerateHealth Chosen for XlerateHealth Accelerator Program

We are uber excited to announce that has been selected to participate in the renowned XlerateHealth accelerator program. At XlerateHealth, our mission aligns perfectly with the vital goal of supporting promising healthcare startups like in gaining traction, acquiring customers, and attracting essential funding.

XlerateHealth's dedicated focus encompasses a wide spectrum of digital health, telemedicine, and mhealth technologies. As a groundbreaking mental health platform for the Black community,'s inclusion in this program is a significant step forward in revolutionizing mental health care.

XlerateHealth Pitch Day is October 5th

HBCU Founders Initiative Proudly Joins the HBCU Founders Initiative Accelerator Program

We are proud to announce that has been accepted into the prestigious HBCU Founders Initiative accelerator program. This exciting partnership involves collaboration with 12 Historically Black Colleges and Universities for a comprehensive Fall and Spring Pre-Accelerator program.

The 8-week program is meticulously designed for early-stage founders who have moved beyond the ideation stage and are prepared to validate a problem and develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Participants can look forward to weekly virtual cohort sessions, complemented by on-campus activities hosted at the 12 esteemed institutions listed below. Furthermore, all participants will benefit from invaluable access to office hours with experienced advisors who will provide crucial guidance throughout their entrepreneurial journey. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to secure non-dilutive program awards to support the development of their MVP.

We are immensely excited about the potential for growth and innovation that this partnership with the HBCU Founders Initiative brings. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this transformative journey.

HBCU Founders Initiative Pitch Day is November 13th

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